Like me, Bari Baumgardner has a “behind the scenes” view of the speaking industry – not too much different from my background managing the back of room table as well as the internet marketing side of the speaking business.

This is an in-depth conversation where Bari and I compare notes, share “war stories”, and show you the speaking industry – including how to manage profitable virtual events – in a way you’ve never seen before.

Tune in now and get Bari Baumgardner’s thoughts on:

  • Her speaking journey and what led her to get into public speaking in the first place
  • Bari Baumgardner’s golden keys to success as a speaker both in the in person and virtual worlds
  • A few mistakes she’s made and seen other speakers make along the way that she encourages aspiring, as well as active public speakers, to avoid
  • What Bari is doing now, and where listeners should they go if they want to get into her world.
  • And much, much more!

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