I first met Elaine during an online event for speakers and it was obvious in our interactions how heart-centered and giving of a person she is.

She is host of The Abundance Journey Podcast and has such a great message to share with our listeners.

Tune in now and get Elaine Starling’s thoughts on:

  • Her speaking journey and what led her to get into public speaking in the first place
  • Elaine Starling’s golden keys to success as a speaker
  • A few mistakes she made along the way that she encourages aspiring, as well as active public speakers, to avoid
  • What Elaine is doing now, and where listeners should they go if they want to get into her world
  • And much, much more!

Invitation From Guest

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What you give is what you receive so you want to continually give Abundance everywhere you go. There are five actions that create Abundance online. These actions quickly build relationships because they are so valued.

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