Tom Antion and I first crossed paths at an event called Author 101 University in the mid 2000s where Tom was the featured presenter.

I marveled at his ability to establish rapport with the crowd and Tom always was the top platform seller at any event at which he spoke.

But that didn’t happen just by chance.

He applied specific techniques to each presentation that other speakers weren’t willing to do that led to his success from the stage.

Tune in now and get Tom Antion’s thoughts on:

  • His speaking journey as a platform selling and keynote speaker and what led him to get into public speaking in the first place
  • Tom’s golden keys to success as a speaker
  • A few mistakes he made along the way that he encourages aspiring as well as active public speakers to avoid
  • How to become the top seller at any multi-speaker event
  • What Tom is doing now, and where listeners should they go if they want to get into Tom’s world.
  • And much, much more!

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