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Episode #61 – Join Author Turned Professional Website Designer Pauline Wiles for Practical Steps to Turn Your Speaker Website Into Your Hardest Working Marketing Tool

Episode #59 – Laura Templeton is an Outstanding Speaker and Bestselling Author of 30 Second Success: Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting!, and Consultant with a Remarkable Talent for Brand Communications and Client Attraction

Episode #56 – Tina Bakehouse Provides Speaking and Storytelling Consulting and Coaching to Help Heart-Centered Leaders and Organizations Communicate More Effectively

Episode #52 – Samantha Bennett is an Award-Winning Marketing Expert and has Become a Top Instructor on LinkedIn Learning with Over a Million “Learners” Worldwide

Episode #51 – Elizabeth Walker Helps People Become Polished on Camera (Not Perfect) and Gets Them Streaming on Social So More Potential Clients and the Media can See Their Expertise

Episode #50 – Davy Tyburski Has Earned the Title of Chief Profit Officer® and His Public Speaking and Private Client List Continues to Grow Because He Delivers What Every Entrepreneur, Company, Professional Practitioner and Organization Wants: MORE PROFIT!

Episode #45 – Shelley Golden is a Personal Branding Image Consultant and Zoom Make-Over Expert Who Helps Professionals Elevate Their Image When Speaking on Stage or on a Virtual Platform

Episode #43 – Colleen Biggs is a Performance Consultant with Over 22 Years of Experience Who Has Helped Launch Over 340 Businesses, is an International Speaker and Who has Authored 5 #1 International Bestselling Books

Episode #42 – Peter George is an Award-Winning Author, Public Speaking Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host Who Specializes in Helping Professional Public Speakers, Authors, Consultants and Executives be Calm, Confident and Credible Every Time They Speak in Public

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